Jul 23, 2021

Things I’ve Learned As A Young Creative

I just turned 24 a few days ago, woohoo! I was a little reluctant about turning a year older, even though I’m still pretty young. Mainly it was because of some questions I constantly ask myself – whether I’ve become the person that I wanted myself to be at this age? Or am I achieving enough? What am I doing with my life? What am I supposed to do in my 20s? Or what are other 24-year-olds doing…

Blah blah..after around 2.5 weeks of living in my own anxiety trap, I came to the conclusion of it’s okay to feel lost as long as I keep on growing in some way.

Anyways, I’ve spent half a day coming up with a few things I’ve already learned in my 20s. Hopefully, these are relatable or helpful to you x 

Growth comes with changes.

Call it changes or discomfort, I’m not a big fan of either tbh. But they do make a difference. Your life is not gonna change if you keep doing things the same way. Why would it? Why would the water ripple if there was no rock or wind or any other variant factors? Changes are scary, sometimes messy, but hey, don’t let your fear kill your creativity.

It’s okay to say NO, It’s also okay to receive it.

Sometimes saying ‘NO’ helps to protect your creative energy. It could be saying NO to take on another job when you are already on the edge of burning out. Or saying NO to a social event because you feel really inspired lately and you’d rather spend some extra hours on your craft. You are not missing out when you say no, you are just being a badass who knows what she/he wants.
It is also okay to be at the receiving end. Your Ego might hate it but when does your ego make any good choices anyway? Rejection and failure are just other forms of growth.

Surround yourself with people & things that bring value to you.

Your time is too precious to be wasted on bad wine or people you just don’t vibe with. Instead, invest your time in the people who bring you joy. who inspire you, who uplift you, who appreciate you. And stock up on things that make you feel the same way. For example, my favorite people to hang out with are my boyfriend and my sister. Reef radiates the best ‘don’t-take-things-too-seriously-&-let’s-go-eat-Ben & Jerry’s’energy. I get my calm from him. My sister is driven, a foodie & a great cook who loves buying little things that improve her life quality such as a toilet seat warmer… She taught me to appreciate the little moments in life. You see, these two offer great value to me. Surround yourselves with people who provide good values because you are a product of the people & things around you.

Invest in yourself

One big difference between investing and buying is that you are expecting to get returns on your investments. Invest in experiences and things that bring you value and improve your life in some way. You are your greatest asset. The time and the money you spend on nurturing your creativity are always worth it.
A list of things that have improved my life:
Gym Membership
An office
Apps that help with my workflow
A coffee machine

Be a giver

You have a higher chance of succeeding if you just give people what they want. I heard this last night from a Youtube video. When I first started my creative career, it had always been about me. I spent the majority of my time thinking about how to take better photos or why am I not getting more clients.
Then I realized that I’ve been asking the wrong questions. A sustainable, successful business is about giving and serving your clients. The questions I should’ve been asking are: What do my clients need? How can I offer them a better experience?…
Be a giver and offer your talent to the universe & the universe will respond back with something amazing.

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