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I value the power of photographs a lot since a very young age. I moved to New Zealand by myself when I was 15, I used to take photos of heaps of random things on the DSLR my dad gave me for year11 photography class. Photos of a very steep street that leads you to the beach, colourful flowers from the neighbour’s garden, how low the clouds are in New Zealand, these fat seagulls fighting for bread, first time hanging out at the mission bay, the giant fountain, fish n chips… And I’d show all these little moments with my family and friends and posted them everywhere on my blogs. I wanted to share these little moments that have touched my heart so my loved ones can experience these things and feel these feelings with me in a way. Photos are for sharing.

However, I also remember the awkward moments when I used to get my school photos taken and drivers’ license photos right before taking the restricted test, oh god, it was the worst, probably one of the most intimidating experience I had in my teenage years. I guess you might share similar experiences with me, growing up, getting professional photos taken has always been this unnatural, uncomfortable thing that we wouldn’t want to do unless we had to.

Then I came to an realisation that there are two types of photographs in general. The type of  photographs that only shows and the type that carries. And I want to take the kinda photos that carry. 

Here is a little about me

Heya, I'm Alena.

Meet my little family - my partner Reef and our daughter Bene.

Little moments I share with my partner, my dog, my family & friendS inspires me. I enjoy walking my pup Bene to the local cafe to get coffee in the morning. I enjoy watching Friends & eating Ben & Jerry's on the couch with Reef on a lazy day, I. enjoy late night car rides when the streets are quiet and all I hear is wind passing through. I enjoy laughing so hard at a friend's joke that my face get red. I enjoy laying down and just watching the clouds move, I enjoy - just being. So I don't want to let go of these little moments.  I want to catch them in photographs so I get to re-live these little moments again and again, 

I want to capture your little moments too, all the ones that make up who you. are, what brings you joy and what your love is.

what inspires me

LITTLE moments matter

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Your story is going to be special.

I LOVE DOGS. I sniff my dog every 30 mins. She is my best friend and she's always up for anything either just a chill day cuddling on the couch or a road trip adventure,

i also love travelling and meeting new people. My photos are always inspired the people i met and the experience I had,

Last but not least, I have lots of fun working for myself. It's hard and stressful at times, but I get to be creative & in control in every aspect of the stuff I do. It wakes me up every day, gets me excited about the new ideas and  reminds me to be grateful of everyone who supports me. If you don't know yet, I also run my little jewellery business on the side - @barejewellerynz. Check it out & you might find something you'd like. x 

My Fav Things

DOGS, TRAVEl working...

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The most meaningful moments come from the heart. I don't want to be some stranger come in here on the most special day of your life and tell you do things that you don't normally do.

I'm not gonna make you do some cheesy shit that feels forced. No posing for a whole hour or no awkward half smiles. Your memories deserve to be captured in an unfiltered way that bring back all the emotions and feels - small looks, soft touches, warm hugs, and so so much more of how love was shown. Getting your photos taken shouldn't be another formality on your wedding day, it should be fun & effortless. 

When you book me, you book more than just a vendor on your checklist. Think of me as a new friend, who supports you, celebrates with you and happens to take great photos. So please come to me as you are. Tell me about you and what love means to you. Tell me so I can photograph you and everything that is important to you. Tell me so I can capture moments that are priceless and true to your heart.

I am passionate about what I do, and I truly care about my couples. It's not about how I take photos, it is about YOU. The photos are about your stories and your legacy. 

Behind the Lens

how i take photos

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MY Philosophy

It's not about how it looks like, it's about how it feels like

On your wedding day, I photograph your day as it unfolds. Your wedding photos will not be like a “Pinterest board” or an “Instagram feed” where flashy photos tend to live. Instead, it will consist of small looks, soft touches, warm hugs, and so so so much more of how love was shown and felt on your wedding day because the most beautiful moments happen organically.

It's not about how it looks like,
it's about how it feels like.


words from my couples

March 29, 2021

Irene & Daksh


Thank you for everything. You, your energy, enthusiasm and dedication. You are part of the memory of such a wonderful day, Alena.

We are blown away by the photos, wow, can't believe we can look this good haha. Thank you for being a part of our day and being so supportive & helpful from day 1. You made us feel so at ease the whole time, nothing felt forced, yet the photos turned out so beautiful. Thank you. 

Dec 15, 2020

Alana & James


WOOOOWWWWW!!! Alena, you are amazing! Thank you!! We are really stoked to see your wonderful work. Love every pic <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you! We're so happy you were there to capture the moments that mean so much to us. Also, thank you for your kind words. We're so glad that the love and dedication that everyone put in was felt! Because we felt it so, so much ^_^

FEB, 21, 2021

Cammy & Ben


Alena is a gift. Besides being insanely talented and professional, she is super organized and helped us think about what we wanted for photos in advance so that on the day it was seamless. We felt completely care free in her hands and she gave just enough instruction and ideas for us to look our best, while remaining authentic to ourselves and our love. Getting to know Alena through lockdown Facetime calls, her well thought out questionnaire and our engagement shoot meant that when she showed up on our big day she already felt like part of the family, and greeted me with a giant hug. Can't recommend Alena enough, our photos perfectly capture our favorite day - THANK YOU ALENA!! :). 

feb 13, 2021

Megan & Jamie


Matt and I will cherish these photos forever. Thank you for capturing us for who we are, Alena. You made the whole process so fun, it was one of the best memories Matt and I share together.  We love love love your work. Again, thank you x

feb 12, 2020

Katie & Matt


TWO Souls ONE Story

No story is one and the same. Yours will be finessed to share your unique journey. 

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