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$475 nzd

Mini Session

When was the last time you get some cute photos with your loved ones? Your memories deserved to be documented in a way that brings back all the feelings. A mini session is the perfect experience for you and your loved ones,



Printing made easy

The Print Shop

Because your best memories shouldn't live behind a computer screen. They deserve to be printed, displayed and shared with your loved ones. The print shop offers different styles of prints from Fine art prints to framed art work. Find out more here. 



from $1250 nzd

Wedding Magazines

Wedding album the modern way. A wedding magazine can accommodate 200-400 photos plus wordings. It is affordable, chic & the perfect coffee table book in your home. 

Coming soon

Wedding zines

from $50 nzd

Memory Shop Credits

Running out of gift ideas? Gift them high quality, timeless prints processed & crafted by my trusted photo lab or a fun photoshoot. These credits are amazing for birthdays. anniversaries. new engagements, the holidays...

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